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• What is EventAdvisor for a User?

EventAdvisor is a specialized platform for the world of events, allowing you to search, find, sort, select and contact the service providers you need to organise more easily your event.

Thanks to our powerful search engine and to functions such as filters, you can to sort the results (by note, number of reviews, A to Z, distance) or see on a the map. With the reviews and as well as the ratings, that you can confidently choose the EventAdvisor member of your choice and manage easily the organization of your event.

This FAQ is constantly changing according to your review. A question to ask? Do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address specifying the object of your message with FAQ Users. Thank you in advance for allowing us to imporve with your experience.


• How to become an EventAdvisor User?

It's very simple and free. Simply click on « Register » and then « I organise an event » on the website header.

• What are the benefits of becoming an EventAdvisor User?

1. The main advantage of registering as an EventAdvisor User is to create and manage a list of favorite members through the My Event page (more information below).

2. Share your experience and help the EventAdvisor community by rating and leaving reviews on the members pages.

The Search engine:

• How to use the search engine?

Simply write the event you want to organise in the search bar and select it from the list of choices. Indicate where you want to organise it and start your search.

• Does not the event I'm looking for exist?

We have created a base of over 70 different events that evolve continuously. EventAdvisor has been created for you, so feel free to contact us by email at
to let us know about your proposals and allow us to improve.

• Can I also search by member name or business activity?

Our members are classified by business activities (Catering, Animation, Beauty & Well-being, ...). All you have to do is to write the desired business activity in the search bar and choose from the list.
If you know the name of a member you can also search by writing precisely his name.

Result page:

• How it works?

EventAdvisor finds according to your search all the members you need to help you organize yourself your event. The results are displayed to offer you a selection of members for all the different business activity related to your research. You can of course only display the results for a given business activity by clicking on « more results ».

• How do I use the filters?

We propose 2 kinds of filters to refine your search:

1. The column to the left of the results: the filters which indicate the number of members found according to their business activity and the proposed services. To refine your selection, just click on the desired filter and so on.

2. The bar above the results display: you can sort by rating, number of comments, alphabetical order, distance or on the map.

• How can I see all the information of a member?

By clicking on the name of the desired member you will have access to its presentation page. You will be able to see his contact details and the services he offers. Depending on the type of member (EventAdvisor Plus or Premium) more information will be available.

From this page you also have the option of adding a member to your favorites. Managing favorites is dealt with in a question below via the page « My Event ».

« My Event » Page:

• I can not find this page?

You must be logged in to use the « My Event » page. Once connected, a link will appear at the header level of the website.

• I do not see any members in the « My Event » page?

You must first have added the members you want to keep to your favorites by clicking on the heart that is in all members thumbnails.

• How does the « My Event » page work?

This page provides you with various features that allow you to better manage the contact with our members and allow you to organize your event as well as possible. Here is the list of features:

1. My Event page allows you to safely save, sort and manage a selection of members of your choice as part of the organization of your event.

2. The use of the filters is the same as for the result page, as well as for the sort function and the map function.

3. A member no longer meets your needs or is not available? You can simply remove it from your list by clicking again on the heart.

« Drag and drop » this function allows you to move members regarding your order of preference.

Notepad to add annotations and personnal remarks.

6. The « Contact » function to send an email directly to the member.

Ratings and reviews:

• Can I reate or leave a review if I'am not logged in?

You need to login to rate or leave a review on EventAdvisor. We made every effort to make the connection as simple as possible.

• How it works?

To rate a member, it's easy. Simply move your mouse over the arrows and choose the rate you wish to give.

For reviews simply fill in the required fields that are the title and your text (minimum 100 characters). It is important to be as specific as possible in your description.

• Is it possible to report a review?

Yes, absolutely and it is very important. Underneath the text we have put up a button to report a comment. Also, a member can respond to a review because it seems important to allow an exchange between our members and our users.