Mélissa Humbert-Ferrand - Officiante de cérémonies Laïques

Who are you?

I am Mélissa HUMBERT-FERRAND Officer of Secular Ceremonies in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes for 8 years under the name "Mélissa Marriage".

What's your activity?

I write, organize and orchestrate secular wedding ceremonies in accordance with the wishes and values ​​of the future spouses.

The goal of my work is to transcribe the history and love of the bride and groom in a ceremony that resembles them, combining humor and emotion.

Preparation takes place before the wedding and requires trust, psychology and confidence for a ceremony that is rich and full of meaning.

My role is also to integrate the relatives in this beautiful moment so that they can take part in the ceremony: a nice surprise for the bride and groom.

without forgetting the coordination with the Dj or the musicians who also carry this beautiful moment in music!

What services do you offer?

I offer tailor-made services ranging from coaching to full service: writing and celebration, including writing only if the bride and groom wish to entrust the celebration to a loved one.

Ideally I like to be present on D-day to see the eyes of my newlyweds shine after so many months of discussion and preparation. But when I am already celebrating a wedding, it is quite possible for someone who is comfortable in public to carry out the ceremony.

More and more newlyweds think they can create their ceremony on their own, but they come to realize that giving rhythm to a ceremony, shaping their story and capturing the attention for almost 45 minutes is not an easy thing that is why many ultimately decide to delegate this writing. Their relatives in charge of the celebration are often delighted to be accompanied in this way; the stress of the celebration being heavy enough for them to endure.

A few words about Event Advisor?

I have been an advertiser on Event Advisor for a few months.

For me, this is a new platform that aims to be innovative, in mutual aid and which sought to support event providers during the crisis.

I like their state of mind that's what pushed me to follow them in Premium for this year.

Mélissa Humbert-Ferrand