Festival or not this summer? Discovering "Les Jeudis Electro" festival

Les Jeudis Electro Festival

The Jeudis Electro festival celebrated its 13th edition last year and Franck, its organizer, is wondering if the 14th will be able to take place.

Unifying festival - with human values ​​and a strong respect for the environment - which takes place all summer on the shores of Lake Geneva, the Electro Thursdays are wonderful moments of meetings, musical discoveries in an idyllic setting.

A partner of Les Jeudis Electro for 2 years now, it is only natural that we continue to support them.

Here are a few lines to know a little more about this beautiful story that is the Jeudis Electro.


Can you introduce yourself?

I am Franck Fricker, born in Evian in Haute-Savoie, passionate about music and DJ since 1998 and active in the world of events since 2001 with my company Feeling & amp; Sound production.

I organize evenings and festivals around the Lake Geneva region (Les Jeudis Electro, Rivages Electroniques) and in the resorts of the Alps (Yaute Winter Tour).

I also work as a DJ for public (clubs, bars, concert halls) or private parties (weddings, team building, galas, ...).

What are Electro Thursdays?

The JE is a festival that we created with Feeling & amp; Sound in 2007.

It takes place every summer in atypical places on the shores of Lake Geneva. The festival aims to promote the scene and local actors around electronic music.

It brings together an average of 6,000 people each year and attracts a large audience in love with electro music in a festive atmosphere and relaxed.

Can you tell us a bit about the history and origins of the festival?

The idea for the festival was born in spring 2007 around an aperitif with the owners of the Salon (Evian), the Cercle (Thonon) and the Albertine Café (Publier).

The idea was then to create a traveling program throughout the summer by pooling logistics and communication.

The festival has developed over the years with new places (Château de Ripaille, Château de Coudrée, Piscines de Thonon & amp; Evian, ...), international artists and visual shows and new concepts such as "silent-parties" or "Jeudi des P'tits" dedicated to young audiences.




What for you are the values ​​around an electronic music festival in 2020?

I discovered electronic music when it began to invade clubs in Europe in the 90's. I immediately adhered to the values ​​of the house and techno movement: respect, tolerance and freedom.

"Even if this music has become widely democratized since then, I think the spirit of celebration has not changed."

Dancing freely to innovative music and in a healthy spirit, that's how I want to imagine this electro culture for the next decade!


What about the festival with the Covid?

The health situation remains unclear to this day, but it seems unreasonable to us to calmly consider dancing evenings by the end of August. There is hope for September but to date nothing allows us to commit to it. We will be responsive if the lights go back to green and you will of course be informed via social networks.

A situation that allows us to measure our chance of being able to enjoy sublime outdoor spaces every summer and freely. The 2021 edition is already in preparation with nice surprises and always a lot of love ...

A thought to the artists programmed in 2020, to our magic staff, to our dear partners and service providers, to all those involved in culture and the events sector and to you who will have to wait a little longer before finding your way back to the dancefloors ...


Que pensez-vous des mesures à appliquer pour le respect des mesures sanitaires ?

A ce jour, les mesures sanitaires imposées ne nous permettent pas d'envisager un rassemblement de 500 à 1'000 personnes sur une piste de danse, ne nous permettant pas d'absorber les dépenses liées à l'organisation. Si la législation s'assouplit d'ici août, tout est possible, nous croisons donc les doigts !


A conclusion?

A thought for our team of collaborators, service providers, artists and event actors & amp; cultural events that allow the festival to develop, provide festival-goers with a warm welcome and unforgettable evenings, but also to create links in the Chablais. We are already preparing the fifteenth edition with a lot of love.

All the information on the and social networks (@jeudiselectro)


Franck Fricker
Organizer of the Les Jeudis Electro Festival

PS: Without forgetting to thank all the other partners 😉