Cathy - Album en Folie

Who are you?

Cathy, 41 years old, photographer for 20 years now, better known under my company name Album en Folie for 8 years.

My business is my 3rd baby, the one I built on my own,
from A to Z, a lot of investments and sacrifices, but the passion for this beautiful job has always been stronger . The photography was a revelation when I was only 13 years old.

Today, I am located in Lyon 3rd, but I travel throughout the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region for your events.

Freshly from Lyon since February, I love this city where you never lose your inspiration!

What's your activity?

Full-time photographer, I mainly do weddings and "family" photos (pregnancy, birth, portrait). I come to clients' homes for their greater comfort!

Being a photographer means getting into the privacy of your clients, sharing their most beautiful and strongest moments with them.

My marriages, it is 300% that I live them and that I invest myself. I don't hesitate to reassure stressed or shy newlyweds and guide them in some of their choices.

Because this day, so important for them, we will spend it together, from the preparations to the reception!

I am in each of their secrets. Listening to and being close to my newlyweds is one of my strengths.

What services do you offer?

I offer formulas adapted to the wishes of the bride and groom and their expectations and their budget. The personalized wooden USB box is included in the basic package. As an option, the bride and groom can choose a high-end album to highlight the strongest moments of their union.

Guests and bride and groom experience the day in a private gallery just 1 month after the wedding.

The guests can order prints that I send throughout France. The bride and groom thus have plenty of time to view their photos while waiting for their USB box.

A few words about EventAdvisor?

I discovered EventAdvisor at the start of the launch of the platform, and I was able to meet Clément during a day between providers who immediately put me at ease with its simplicity and availability.

EventAdvisor differs from other platforms by its human and accessible side, very present thanks to the relationship that Clément maintains with us, the various providers. He supported us during the containment, and continues to do so.

It is therefore quite natural that I chose EventAdvisor in order to refer myself.

Cathy - Album en Folie