Magalie Duc-Maugé - Thotalement Mots

Magalie Duc-Maugé - Thotalement Mots

Who are you?

Hello, my name is Magalie DUC-MAUGÉ.

After being responsible for home care workers and administrative assistant, I woke up one morning with the desire to look like my activity and that my activity looks like me.

My job and I are the same, we are one.

Curious about everything, in perpetual learning, dreamy, reserved but with this desire to discover the other and the world.

My reading hobby: crime novels, science fiction adventures, books that make you think or open up to the world.

And above all I like to write, create, play with words.

So I launched the activity that suits me in October 2019:

Thotalement Mots. "You are the word, I am the hand for the eyes of others."

What are you doing?

I like this quote from Gustave Flaubert which explains my job well

All the talent for writing, after all, consists only in the choice of words.

And the choice of words is my job.

Typically Words public writer, provider in writing.

I am the eye that watches
I am the ear that listens
I am the heart that feels
I am the hand that transcribes,
Who puts words on your emotions, Who ink your memories ...

What services do you offer?

Events services (wedding, baptism, birth, birthday, ...)

Support in your upstream communication media from D-day:

  • Invitations
  • Announcement
  • Writing menus
  • Ceremonial booklet
  • Help in preparing speeches, ...

The goal: take time for yourself and think about other things.

Gift ideas :

  • Memories of a unique day
  • D-day souvenir diary, ...

The goal: to keep a written record of a day like no other.

Writing services for professionals in support of written communication or even company biography, company newspaper, ...

A few words about EventAdvisor?

I learned about this referencing platform from a friend Sandra Munoz of
Histoire d’Eux weeding planner.

She said a lot to me about it.

And during the service provider day in Beausemblant in the Drôme at the
Domaine de la Bonne Etoile in January 2020, Clément finished convincing me by giving us simple, clear, precise explanations.

The free registration and the very affordable rates of the different formulas that adapt to our needs and a real plus when we start and want to be referenced.

I wish EventAdvisor a good continuation and thank you for being here.

Magalie Duc-Maugé
Find all the information to contact Léonie on its EventAdvisor Profile page: