Justine Gala

Justine Gala - Wedding Planner


Who are you?

I’m Justine gala, business manager and Wedding planner since December 2019.

I am a young company certainly but with a lot of ideas and such a determination to succeed with my uniqueness and my taste for novelty.

I'm pretty "hyper active", always looking for new ideas, new experiences, I hate being bored.

Trust and loyalty are the most significant values ​​for me. I want the bride and groom but also the providers to be able to count on me, on my professionalism.

    I like to organize everything in a meticulous way in order to anticipate all the unexpected but I also like spontaneity and surprises.

What are you doing?

My role as a wedding planner is to offer the bride and groom the chance to live their wedding day fully alongside their loved ones.

I guide them, support them and accompany them in the organization or coordination of their D-Day in order to make this day a wedding that suits them.

Thanks to my creative touch, I am a force for proposals so that their guests retain from their wedding this feeling: “I really enjoyed myself! ".

What services do you offer?

I propose the complete organization of a wedding.

After having identified the desires and needs of the bride and groom, I select the appropriate providers and I establish a retro planning and the D-day planning by offering them monthly monitoring to build their marriage together.

If the bride and groom have chosen their providers, I suggest coordinating the D-day so that they can take full advantage of their loved ones.

A few words about EventAdvisor?

It’s a brilliant tool for bringing together committed event players.

It is also useful for potential customers lost in the multitude of existing providers but also for different professionals looking for reliable relationships.

Justine gala

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