Marine Pluchon - Les Pépites

Marine Pluchon - Les Pépites



Who are you ?

Marine Pluchon, creator and manager of the concept "Les Pépites", a business incubator.

I’m a shy person but I love meeting people, I like discussion and discoveries. I am dark-headed and a bit directive!

I was involved in social and cultural activities for a decade and then branched out to downtown commerce.

What are you doing ?

I developed "Les Pépites" in Thonon-les-Bains in Haute-Savoie in the city center of a city of 36,000 inhabitants which is surrounded by commercial areas.

The idea of ​​a business incubator started from the observation that there were empty premises in the city center coupled with a desire to create local shops.

These shops have high rents and are not always maintained.

It is therefore necessary to bring standards back and invest in order to be able to set up properly, which represents a big budget for the trader who wants to get started.

I have therefore adapted the principle of business incubators which are set up by communities of municipalities for downtown commerce.

I provide shop areas and a meeting room in a completely renovated building suitable for everyone.

This facilitates setting up for business creators in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere to test and develop their business, build customer loyalty and finally be credible vis-à-vis economic players such as banks, accountants, etc.

What services do you offer?

I provide rental space in a small gallery that should be seen as a springboard for future entrepreneurs. They benefit from exhibition furniture, a box, a display case and all the amenities of Les Pépites (disabled ramp, adapted sanitation, fitted kitchen).

There is also a meeting room and an office for hire by the hour. These spaces are equipped with all the necessary equipment: chairs, tables, flipchart, screen and sound and camera equipment for conference calls.

Finally, within this structure, I take care of a boutique of clothes and accessories of French brands, made in France.

All in a cooperative and friendly way!

Few words about EventAdvisor?

It’s a brilliant idea and a tool in the making. The actors of the event all need more visibility, the potential customers get lost in the proposals and need to be directed in a clear and simple way towards their need! This is what EventAdvisor offers.

It is a future primordial partner of "Les Pépites".

Marine Pluchon
Manager "Les Pépites"
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