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Stéphanie Hazan - One Day Event

Welcome to our new EventAdvisor ambassador for the PACA region.

Based in Marseille, Stéphanie Hazan manages "One Day Event", event decoration provider since 2002.

She tells us about her and her business.

Who are you?

My name is Stéphanie HAZAN and I lead One Day Event. I studied in Marseille, Kedge, after living on the island of Reunion.

I created my first event company in 2002 in Marseille. After navigating between the first years of interior decoration and event decoration, I focused on the decoration of corporate events such as gala evenings, inaugurations, the development of car dealerships, launches of products, showcases ...

I have also developed a range of services dedicated to individuals: private parties and weddings.
I favor a family team management, and I like to train trainees who accompany us during the year. A team that accompanies me in all the arrangements of decorations.

Ambassador EventAdvisor what is it for you?

For me to be an EventAdvisor ambassador, it is to participate in the professional community of the event market.

What are you doing?

I accompany my clients to better help them to project themselves in the place of their choice, and proposes ideas of themes, decoration but also details which make the difference the day of the event.
One day Event knows how to gather the necessary ingredients for the decoration of the event to be successful. The attention to detail, the touch of originality, it is the job of decorator of events.

What services do you offer?

One Day event is a designer of events in the broad sense, we propose to our professional and private clients to realize a scenography in their own image for a unique event on D-Day.

We bring creativity and personalization to event projects but also a wide range of integrated services: floral design, furniture, creation, layout and custom installation.

Stéphanie Hazan
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