Magalie Garde - M la fée pour vous


A small presentation above all:

My name is Magalie "Magalie Mlafée". I am the creator of the agency "M fairy for you" open almost 2 years ago now in the north of my beautiful Drôme.

Limitrophe to many departments of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, I travel the roads of the region to meet the expectations of my clients. But also wherever the request will be made, even if I have to cross the oceans ...

My job would be called "Wedding planner" or "Event planner", but very French that I am - I prefer to say:

Organizer of precious moment

I also realize decoration for receptions and events.

The essence of my activity is focused on weddings. However I also propose organizations or decoration for all the important events of life such as:

  •     the parties between girlfriends for the arrival of the babies
  •     birthdays
  •     baptisms
  •     funerals ...

Not very active in terms of professionals, I really plan to develop this part soon.

But like all my projects,

I like everything to be well framed and planned.

So instead of doing like everyone else, I take my time before proposing this.

Wanting to stay anyway, the closest to those with whom I enjoyed working or exchange, I proposed a "day providers" to meet and spend good times together other than part of the work.

Currently in addition to all my weddings and other events in preparation, I organize several wedding fairs all very different, from the one in the shopping malls of a big sign, to the traditional in a room, passing by that in a domain with 3 themes and mini secular ceremonies up to a real YES.

But that's not all !!

I was called for window decorations like Cymbeline in Lyon and beauty salon, the redesign and decoration of an office of a real estate agency, to be the ambassador for a few weeks of a jewelry designer and for Christmas of the company Neveo.

And as I never stop, I organize in parallel wedding-inspired shootings on several themes to transport my future customers in different possible worlds of a so-called "classic" wedding, and make them dream !!

You see, I never get bored.

And all that, with a husband and 3 children at home. A fulfilled life both personally and professionally.

Become an EventAdvisor Ambassador:

Already a big THANK YOU to Clement for his confidence to have proposed me to become one of his Ambassadors.

I am honored to highlight this platform for event professionals and to be able to talk about it all around me.

This search mode is truly revolutionary for both individuals and professionals.

    Without ads, a link directly to each other, and several filters that allow us to reach our needs right away.

What's more, I commit to any subscription of a "premium package" of a professional registering from me to donate to the association "Madmoiz'elle Mya" 10 € by professionals.

Organizer with a big heart.

Have beautiful day,

Magalie "M the fairy for you"

EventAdvisor page: M the fairy for you
Facebook: Magalie Mlafée