Clémentine Ruamps - Fééries Coutures

Clémentine Ruamps - Fééries Coutures

Who are you?

Hi my name is Clementine, married and mother of two princesses, I am a dressmaker Dressmaker by training.

I had the chance to start my career as a costume designer in an Ariège association which organizes 4 days of historic festivals each year.

For personal reasons we settled on the side of Castelnaudary. After moving, I decided to set up my creat...


COVID 19 - Social - fiscal and other measures

Mesures de soutien aux entreprises en France
Concerne tous statuts d'entreprises


Nous vous présentons ci-dessous une récapitulation des mesures définies par le Gouvernement dans le cadre de la pandémie en cours, à jour des éléments connus au 16 mars à 14 H. Le Ministère de l’Économie a également annoncé des mesures globales de soutien aux entreprises qui rencontreraient des difficultés série...


Nathalie Collomb - Château La Beaumetane

Château La Beaumetane


Who are you?

My name is Nathalie and I am the owner of Château la Beaumetane which is a family property.

I come from a family of winegrowers on Lambesc. We still have our family vineyard, the Domaine des Oullières en Coteaux d'Aix en Provence.

When I was little, the castle was empty and I used to come to dream that I was a princess. I returned from England with my family ...


Domaine La Bonne Étoile

Domaine La Bonne Étoile

Who are you?

The Domaine La Bonne Etoile is the story of 3 generations of parents, children, grantchildren who change their lives to share a dream location with our hosts ...

What are you doing?

You can live multiple experiences as a romantic night in a guest room, a stay with friends in a gîte, an unusual break with the family in a lodge, a professional evening in a cotta...


Magalie Duc-Maugé - Thotalement Mots

Magalie Duc-Maugé - Thotalement Mots

Who are you?

Hello, my name is Magalie DUC-MAUGÉ.

After being responsible for home care workers and administrative assistant, I woke up one morning with the desire to look like my activity and that my activity looks like me.

My job and I are the same, we are one.

Curious about everything, in perpetual learning, dreamy, reserved but with this desire to discover ...


Léonie Place - Scribeuse

Léonie Place - Scribeuse

Who are you?

My name is Léonie Place and I have always wanted to make writing my profession. I also had another dream, that of traveling long distance. I have granted my wishes and I try to maintain them.

Optimistic in nature, I like to feel useful and to be skillful with my hands. I love meetings and atypical profiles. These trajectories inspire me a lot.

In my spare tim...